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Junior Tour of Northern CaliforniaAJGA PBE logo - No Bevel

Spring, Summer Fall, and Holiday Series Tournaments*

Boys Champion (Championship Flight)                   4 Performance Stars

Girls Champion (Championship Flight)                    4 Performance Stars


Other Junior  Tournaments

 NCGA Jr. Championship*

Boys Champion (14-18)                                                 Fully Exempt

Boys Top 5 (14-18)                                                           12 Performance Stars

Boys Top 10 (14-18)                                                         8 Performance Stars

Boys Top 15 (14-18)                                                         4 Performance Stars

Boys Champion (13 & U)                                               1 Performance Star

Girls Champion (13-18)                                                  8 Performance Stars

Girls Top 3 (13-18)                                                            4 Performance Stars

Nor-Cal Players Championship*

Boys (14-17) Champion                                                 4 Performance Stars

Girls (12-17) Champion                                                  4 Performance Stars


CWAC Jr. Girls Championship*

Girls Champion                                                                 8 Performance Stars

Girls Top 4                                                                           4 Performance Stars


*Fields need at least 40 boys (Championship Flight or 14-18), 20 boys (13 & U) or 12 girls (Championship Flight or 13-18) in order to receive PBE status. Additionally for tournaments where the champion earns 4 Performance Stars, if the tournament field has at least 55 boys (Championship Flight or 14-17) or 18 girls (Championship Flight or 12-17), AJGA will recognize the top 10% of the field with 1 performance star. For younger divisions to be recognized they must meet the following criteria:

  • Boys: Minimum yardage of 5,800 yards and at least 20 boys

o   Note: If older and younger divisions play from the same yardage, AJGA will combine the divisions and look at the overall results when awarding PBE status

**The AJGA will no longer recognize 12-13 point leaders

For more information on the AJGA Performance Based Entry process, visit the AJGA website.